Proposition of the Heirs


From The County Library Ch. III:

"What is now very gratifying to the people of the county is that the heirs of the estate of Mr. Brumback are unanimous in their desire to carry out fully his wishes as an endearing memorial to one who loved his fellowmen; their only proviso being (and it is a wise one) that satisfactory arrangements may be made with the county properly to maintain the same. The city of Van Wert will be too glad of the privilege of putting a creditable library in the building and maintaining the same should the county fail to do so, and while the will does not determine whether the free library is to be a town or a county institution, the heirs are persuaded that the primary desire of Mr. Brumback was that his fellow citizens, in the county as well as in the town, should be benefited by his gift, if that end could be fairly accomplished."

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