The Contract


From The County Library Ch. IV:

- Excerpt from The Van Wert Republican, July 28, 1898

Picture of a Contract"For several months those who have the welfare of Van Wert County at heart have been inquiring what was being done toward accepting the late J. S. Brumback’s magnificent gift to the county of a fine library building. 

Owing to the absence of Hon. O. S. Brumback in the West, the matter has been delayed somewhat, and nothing could be done until his return. The heirs have now submitted to the proper authorities a contract, upon the signing of which, they will at once proceed to erect and furnish a public library building of which any county in the state could well feel proud. The heirs of the late J. S. Brumback, desiring that this liberal gift might prove a benefit to all the residents of the county, have wisely determined to offer it to the entire county. Let it be distinctly understood that the city of Van Wert has never had the offer of this magnificent gift, does not now, and we fear never will, have, except as it is a part of the county. The heirs have concluded to offer it to 30,000 people and not to limit its benefits to 8,000 people.

The Van Wert Library Association stands ready to donate its little library of nearly 2000 volumes, as well as other properties, as a starter for a good county library. We understand, if the offer is accepted and the building erected, that local librarians will be appointed in every district in the county and that the rules and regulations will be made such that the people living in the remotest parts of the county may borrow just as many books to read at their homes as those living nearest the building.

The progressive farmers of our county have already, at their meetings, expressed their willingness to accept so generous a gift and to pay their mite toward its proper maintenance. A copy of the contract given below has been presented to the Ladies’ Library Association, the Board of County Commissioners and the Common Council of Van Wert. There is no reason whatever why any member of these bodies should hesitate to sign the contract on behalf of the people. We fear this may be the last opportunity to accept or reject a proposition from the Brumback heirs, so that if the contract is not signed the people of Van Wert County may forever lose the privilege of receiving a gift that would be a blessing not only to the present generation but to generations yet unborn. We look for prompt action to be taken in the matter, and it is a settled fact that all who bend their efforts to secure such a gift for Van Wert County will be forever considered benefactors of the people of our county. — Van Wert Republican, July 28, 1898."

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